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  • Nixx Period and Bladder Leak Underwear, changing the world of periods and bladder leaks. Nixxworld designed by a nurse, a mom and athlete to create a world of no leaks and no worries for periods and bladder leaks

    Period & Bladder Leak Underwear

  • Nixx Period Underwear for teens, taking the fear of leaks away with its absorbent and leak proof underwear. Created by a Nurse and mum of two girls who understands the fear of period leaks at school, or sleepover with friends. Nixxworld!

    Period Underwear

  • Nixx Bladder Leak Underwear is both absorbent and leak proof, so no more worries about stress incontinence. Designed by a nurse, a mother and athlete. No more worries about coughing, sneezing and laughing. Nixxworld, a world without bladder leaks!

    Bladder Leak Underwear

  • Nixx Period Underwear are designed by Ellie, a nurse and a mum to 2 girls. They are both absorbent and leak proof giving great confidence of no period leaks and being able to enjoy sport and dance and just get on with life.
  • Period Swimwear