Five Day Period Box S-L

Nixxworld Five Day Period Box is designed to cover the 5 days of your period, it contains :

  • Super Absorbent Period Underwear x 2 for your very heavy flow days
  • Baby Blue Heavy - Heavy/Moderate Absorbency Period Underwear x 1
  • Nixxworld Nights Peach x 1 Moderate-Heavy Absorbency Period Underwear x 1
  • Trixie for Moderate-Light Days x 1
  • Luxury Magnetic Keep Sake Box
  • 4:1 Pen: Smart phone Holder, Hand Sanitiser, Screen Wiper & Felt Tip Pen;
  • Velvet Hair Scrunchie with secret zip pocket
  • Heart Shaped Nail File
  • Chocolates
  • Free Shipping

Nixxworld Period Underwear contain special technology. They can be worn without any other sanitary product. They are both absorbent and leak-proof, protecting you from period leaks that can cause distress. They are reusable, just rinse, wash and go, making them kind to the environment. The protective panel inside is black so there is no staining.

Collections: Nixx Teen Period Underwear

Type: Period Underwear

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