The Beautiful Article by Vivian Birungi Miss Earth Contestant 2021

The Beautiful Article by Vivian Birungi Miss Earth Contestant 2021

September 23, 2021


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Who are NixxWorld?


NixxWorld is a brand that produces sustainable period underwear for everybody of any age.

NixxWorld underwear is sustainable and reusable for periods, bladder leaks and postpartum meaning it is incredibly environmentally friendly.


NixxWorld was founded by Ellie who is a nurse and mother and who saw the difficulties girls faced with their periods. Ellie experienced bladder leaks after the birth of her children and she saw a gap in the market for an underwear that was both sustainable and reusable and able to make women and girls feel comfortable with their periods and any bladder leaks.

Making the product environmentally friendly was the most important task for Ellie.

After 2 years of testing, Nixxworld leak proof underwear was created.


NixxWorld aims to empower women and remove the taboo around periods and bladder leaks.

NixxWorld & the Environment:


It takes a pad 500+ years to break down meaning the first one ever made could still be sitting in landfill out there.

Up to 90% of menstrual pads are plastic which is not an environmentally friendly compound.

The average person can throw away up to 150kg of tampons and applicators throughout the lifetime of their period.

Menstrual products are one of the most commonly found single use plastics found within our oceans.


NixxWorld aims to tackle this with reusable underwear made from special bamboo technology. Nixxworld bamboo bladder leak technology is comfortable, soft, flexible and breathable. Suitable for light bladder leaks they are lightweight and slim without any bulk while the naturally anti-bacterial bamboo keeps you odor free!

NixxWorld and Miss Earth Ireland:


I am proud to be sponsored by NixxWorld throughout my Miss Earth Ireland journey.

I was first introduced to Ellie from doing a shoot for a thesis project focusing on The Sustainable Period.

Ellie was enthusiastic to join me on this journey and support me through every step of the way.

I was also honored to be given the opportunity to do a photoshoot for NixxWorld where I got to really feel how comfortable and lightweight the underwear really is.

Miss Earth Ireland is all about sustainablity and empowering women and I couldn't have found a better sponsor that did both of those things for me throughout my journey.

NixxWorld are not only environmentally friendly but extremely supportive of all women and body types and aims to create a product that keeps women feeling beautiful and not ashamed to be in their own skin especially when it comes to periods and bladder leaks.


Throughout my journey in Miss Earth Ireland, I have not only learned about the importance of taking care of our environment around us but also taking care of ourselves.

While working with NixxWorld, I have learned how important it is to not be afraid to do the things that scare you and not let anything get in the way of doing what you love. From supporting my community and environment, I have grown and learned so much throughout this journey. I am proud to have been sponsored by a beautiful Irish business during my journey and to have the support of NixxWorld and Ellie!


To read more information about NixxWorld, head over to


To read more about Miss Earth Ireland and the journey with the other beautiful finalists and myself, head over to

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